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Dream Act Sashay

American Graduation

I'm down but not out, God. Please send help my way.

Lord, thank you for my home and my children. Thank you for my years of interesting immigration practice. Thank you for my guitars. Thank you for beautiful praise music at church. Thank you for a roof over my head, warm, dry clothes, and more than enough food. Thank you for putting Jesus in my heart you son of a gun. Thank you for my rich concentration meditation practice. Thank you for letting me win such a surprizingly high percentage of my removal cases. But God, please, could you please bring me enough new clients to give me a fighting chance to pay my bills? Please?


Happy Client



So you're not a permanent permanent resident? Apparently not. The Permanent Resident Card, the "green card," is not merely an identification document allowing you to live and work in the US, it is also proof of your status. And, like everything of this world, your green card is not going to last forever. Green cards expire. They get old. And like a lot of things, when they get old, they don't work anymore.

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