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Notable Wins

I don't know if this information actually qualifies to be included under the heading "Notable Wins," but, from September 2011 to August 2012, I won nine removal cases in a row in front of US Immigration Judges. I'm the only private bar attorney I know of who has won three of these in a row. Now I've won nine. Considering that 75% of foreign nationals in removal/deportation proceedings lose their cases nationally, I guess I'm pretty proud of my track record.


Jack L. (A deportation vignette)

I want to share some anecdotes from my deportation and removal cases. Today I’ll discuss one I won back in 2008, in the US Immigration Court in Seattle, Washington. This removal case involved a man from Laos. I’ll call him Jack, Jack L. Jack L. had murdered a US citizen 13 years before I won his deportation case.

Jack was in removal proceedings because he had used a non-attorney to help him prepare his N-400 application for US citizenship. The person who prepared the N-400 for him was probably not competent to do so, but the form could have conceivably been based on the information which Jack had provided to her. I don’t know for sure. Jack might have said that he didn’t have any active criminal cases. Who knows exactly what he told her. What the N-400 application indicated was that Jack, the man who later hired me for his removal proceedings, had no criminal record. None. However, the man who later became my client most assuredly did have a criminal record. Thirteen years before, this man had intentionally shot a US citizen in the head, in Seattle, killing him.

Okay, who taught Jack how to use firearms? The US military did. The US military trained a lot of people in Laos to fight Communist insurgents, and they trained Jack for some six months. Jack then fought Communist insurgents in Laos for around five years or so. And nearly had his foot blown in the process. Arguably this makes Jack something of a US war hero. Then the Communists won and they were prepared to kill all of the anti-Communist personnel which the US had trained, so the US gave their US trained soldiers refugee status in the US. So why was my client shooting at a US citizen in Seattle 13 years before I won his deportation case? Thirteen years before, Jack had looked out of his apartment window and had seen four ghetto gangbangers in and around Jack's car. These young men had broken into Jack's car and were stealing things out of it. Jack (peacefully) shouted at them to leave. They did. However, when Jack saw five minutes later that the four guys were back, stealing things out of his car again, he, misguidedly, shot and killed one. Jack was convicted of 2nd Degree Manslaughter and spent 11 months in prison for his crime.

By a strange, and possibly compelling twist of fate, the very morning of my client’s deportation trial, the US Supreme Court published a ruling that people in Washington, D.C. had a right to carry handguns under the Second Amendment. In my client’s deportation trial, a few hours after the US Supremes published their ruling, the government trial attorney in my client’s case, discussing technical concerns which the Immigration Judge had raised, indicated that the government would not appeal the judge’s grant of relief. And that's how I won. Since Congress took away so much of the Immigration Judges’ discretion, it's up to the Trial Attorneys to keep an eye out for meritorious cases . No magic here.

Personally, I just want cases that I can believe in. While I had the strongest reservations in taking this removal case, initially, by three days before the trial, I had become a believer.


This page is still under construction, but I've won a removal case where the foreign national had been convicted at jury trial and had spent seven years in prison. I have won a removal case where the foreign national had killed a 10 year old child with her car and was convicted of 2nd Degree Manslaughter and Felony Hit and Run. I've won a removal case where the foreign national had been convicted of Assault and Burglary. I've won a removal case where the foreign national had a different attorney at the immigration trial and the trial had gone so badly that the immigration judge had the foreign national locked up and wouldn't let him out of immigration jail until I won at the Board of Immigration Appeals. I've won numerous asylum cases before the immigration judge and also before USCIS. I've won many marriage related deportation cases. I have a published decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, an asylum case, which in part has been said to stand for the proposition that "Immigration Judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals are not free to ignore the arguments of [Tom Youngjohn]". I've won a deportation/removal case apparently based on the fact that my client had three thumbs, and had therefore been rejected by society his whole life, and ordering him deported would have been the ultimate form of rejection. I've helped clients removable because of drug convictions beat deportation. Every case is different and I love my work.


Tom youngjohn is the members of Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since March 2003, Rated A+ and American Immigration Lawyers Association ('AILA') Member since July 1998.


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